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Hedge Funds

The flagship investment vehicle of Stats is the Ginga Service Sector (“GSS”) Fund, which is a Cayman unit trust established in June 2006. The strategy itself largely concentrates on the IT and Service sectors as sources of alpha. In addition, it also focuses on medium and small size stocks, which are not widely covered by analysts so that original research can generate alpha unexploited by the market. The fund has accumulated 315.2% since inception with zero down years of trading. The fund has launched a UCITS vehicle and is currently looking for early bird share class investors.




The strategy exploits the relative mispricing that exists in Green Bonds and Clean Energy Venture Debt. This ESG-linked focus is unique in the marketplace and speaks to the firm’s passion around environmental impact investing, without conceding return performance or liquidity.

The Fund’s mission is to displace the maximum amount of carbon (current and future) while ensuring capital protection and the highest rate of return possible. The dark green bond allocation (~70%) addresses the resilience of existing infrastructure while the venture debt allocation (~30%) addresses innovation that will circumvent obstacles to the roll out of the green economy.

Venture Capital


Long Only

Asian High Yield Fixed Income

The fund invests primarily in Asian high yield fixed income securities. This includes but is not limited to corporate bonds, convertible bonds and sovereign bonds. The fund was established in 2010 with an average annualised return of 5.50%. The fund is currently running $202.6 million. This fund launched a UCITS vehicle in 2014.


Blockchain Asset Manager

Next Generation invest in all major cryptocurrency assets the key ones are currencies, privacy coins, utility, smart contracts, payments. The fund also takes positions in fintech, data sharing, gaming, gambling, prediction markets. Moreover, Next Generation will also be exposed to mining and decentralized exchanges which are important parts of this ecosystem.

Next Generation is able to reduce risk without reducing expected return as a result of this diversification. As demonstrated the fund has significantly lower volatility and lower drawdowns than the cryptocurrency market, so that even in a declining market losses and volatility have been minimized.

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