The key to successful fund raising is meticulous preparation. AA Advisors exercises the following steps to produce the best possible asset raising results.

1. Pre-Marketing

We analyse investor requirements, assess the peer group, distill the relevant information and identify the optimal point of entry for distribution.

2. Analysis

Identify and selecting the appropriate LP’s and investors for the opportunity.

3. Network

We contact the relevant investor/LP to arrange a meeting.

4. Investor Meetings

AA Advisors organizes conference calls and concentrated marketing trips. We endeavor to schedule investor meetings at the most suitable time of year with regards to investor allocation criteria and liquidity of funds.

5. Due Diligence and Commitment

AA Advisors is available to assists in all aspect of the due diligence process including distribution of fund materials, coordination of onsite investor visits and operational investment meetings. We then follow up on all correspondences right up to the commitment stage. Our analyst assists managers in research and monthly report distribution.