The AA philosophy is centred on the great value we place on our relationships with investors, it is for this reason that we only represent the highest quality of investment managers. We initiate a rigorous manager selection process allowing us to maintain the trust of our investor base.

Quantitative Selection

AA Advisors scrutinizes a range of metrics in order to source the best performing funds.

  1. We only represent funds which are at the top of their peer group in regards to strategy.
  2. High Sharpe and Sortino Ratio’s.
  3. Consistent performance with quantifiable Alpha.


Qualitative Selection

AA Advisors only works with manager who pass our stringent qualitative criteria.

  1. Macroeconomic Analysis; analysis of current market climate and compatibility with represented funds.
  2. Investor Analysis; does the fund fit well with current investor allocations?
  3. Firm review; organization, infrastructure, team pedigree.
  4. Investment Philosophy and process; AA Advisors understands the market and sources of Alpha generation.
  5. Risk management; understanding the safeguards in place to protect investor money.



 AA Advisors systematically reviews the funds performance with the previously stated metrics. Furthermore we continually update the manager with information from investors and vice versa, facilitating long term relationships.